Increasing Referrals to Partners

Setting: For a money center bank, we assisted with designing sales processes, qualification criteria, referral criteria, and response procedures for corporate bankers referring opportunities to their investment bank colleagues.

Outcome: Lower “misfire” rates on referrals, higher rates of opportunity identification, and higher levels of confidence and teamwork.

Reduce New Hire Ramp-Up Time

Setting: For a major regional bank, we developed “sales–oriented” product knowledge training (different from “product–focused” product training) for high priority products.

Outcome: Reduced time required for newly hired sales team members to identify opportunities.

Increase Sales Management Impact

Setting: We assisted a major regional bank with designing and implementing a structured sales management operating system that included planning, review, and activity management components.

Outcome: Within three months of implementation, sales managers reported a significant increase in sales call activity, call preparation and planning, and their confidence in sellers’ pipeline accuracy.


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